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Unlock Your Potential with Expert Guidance

Ugnius is an enthusiastic and dedicated music educator with a passion for nurturing the talents of aspiring pianists. Currently, he shares his wealth of knowledge and expertise teaching at esteemed institutions, including the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS), the University of Glasgow, and the University of Aberdeen.

Lessons with Ugnius are a totally unique experience: not only he is an astounding pianist but an exciting, motivational and exceptional teacher!

Ugnius is a faculty member at:

University of Glasgow School of Music (Piano Tutor)


University of Aberdeen School of Music (Piano Tutor)

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Junior School (Piano Tutor)

Oxford Education Online (Piano Tutor)

Prices for Piano Lessons

Lesson fee £20.25* / 30min

The fees are paid in blocks of 4 lessons

For more information about lessons with Ugnius,
see for FAQ's at the bottom of this page

*Fees are based on Musicians' Union Rates for Private Music Teaching


I have recently started having lessons with Ugnius via Skype. I have found it incredibly useful, and feel that the experience has greatly improved my playing. Ugnius has an amazing system of cameras and microphones, meaning that I get good sound and many different viewing angles. Ugnius's professionalism and intuitive teaching style come across well via video. All in all a very profitable experience, and I would highly recommend it.     
Henry, Grade 8

Lessons with Ugnius are a totally unique experience: not only he is an astounding pianist but an exciting, motivational and exceptional teacher. His approach is innovative and personal and I've seen my playing improve significantly under his tuition. Most of all, I'm enjoying practicing again!                                     
Amy, DipABRSM piano student

Ugnius has taught my son wonderfully over the last few years- helping him both to pass grades and learn different styles of music. He is always positive, patient, enthusiastic and has always motivated my son to want to practise and improve. Would fully recommend him to anyone interested in learning the piano at any level.
Simon Grade 4

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How much do the lessons cost?
£20.25* / 30min
The fees are based on Musicians' Union recommended rates for Private Music Teaching

Do I get a Trial Lesson?
Every new student will receive a trial lesson before starting their official piano lessons. The trial lesson will last between 30 min and 60 min and will be charged at half the hourly rate (£20.25).

Can I have a 30min or a 45min lesson?
 Beginner students aged 6-7 will require a weekly 30 - 45 min lesson. 

Students enrolling onto Grade 1-8+ will mostly require 1 weekly lesson of 45 min - 60 min regardless of their age.

Can I have lessons every fortnight?
Yes, you can have your lessons every fortnight or even once a month.

Where do the lessons take place?
Location Lessons take place in my home in the Southside of Glasgow (Mount Florida).
I have a dedicated teaching room with a Yamaha Upright Piano.

How do I get to the piano lesson?
If you are traveling by public transport, please check the latest information on Google Maps for traveling to Mount Florida, which is situated in the South of Glasgow. If however, you are driving, there are plenty of car parking spaces available on the main road (Kings Park Road).

Is there a lesson cancelation policy?
Every new student will be presented with a learning agreement after the initial/trial lesson introducing the payment method and lesson cancelation policy.

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